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        ADSA Launches Large Dairy Herd Management (3rd ed.)
        The ADSA® Foundation is pleased to announce that after untold hours of work by a dedicated group of 171 chapter authors, 18 section editors, and 73 external reviewers, under the leadership of Dr. David Beede, the third edition of Large Dairy Herd Management (e-book) is now available for purchase.
        This edition was developed to help meet the growing information needs of dairy farmers, service professionals, and students worldwide. It brings peer-reviewed dairy science and management information to users in an accessible, easy-to-use format. The e-book includes 97 chapters in 15 sections. The sections and section editors are as follows:
        • Section 1: Building Sustainability and Capacity—David Beede, Michigan State University
        • Section 2: Large Herd Systems—Steven P. Washburn, North Carolina State University
        • Section 3: Facilities and Environment—Joseph M. Zulovich, University of Missouri, and Joseph P. Harner, Kansas State University
        • Section 4: Milk Markets and Marketing—Normand R. St-Pierre, The Ohio State University/Perdue AgriBusiness
        • Section 5: Genetic Selection Programs and Breeding Strategies—Kent A. Weigel, University of Wisconsin-Madison
        • Section 6: Calves and Replacements—Robert E. James, Virginia Tech
        • Section 7: Reproduction and Reproductive Management—William W. Thatcher, University of Florida
        • Section 8: Nutrition and Nutritional Management—Richard J. Grant and Heather M. Dann, William H. Miner Agricultural Research Institute
        • Section 9: Lactation and Milking Systems—Rupert M. Bruckmaier, University of Bern
        • Section 10: Mastitis and Milk Quality—Joseph S. Hogan, The Ohio State University/OARDC
        • Section 11: Animal and Herd Welfare—Trevor DeVries, University of Guelph
        • Section 12: Herd Health—Carlos A. Risco, University of Florida
        • Section 13: Business, Economic Analysis, and Decision-Making—Albert De Vries, University of Florida
        • Section 14: Effectively Managing Farm Employees—Stanley J. Moore and Phillip T. Durst, Michigan State University
        • Section 15: Precision Management Technologies—Jeffrey M. Bewley, University of Kentucky
        The book is available for purchase at student ($62.50) and professional (member and nonmember) rates ($125/$195) exclusively from ADSA by going to: