Research-Article| Volume 25, ISSUE 2, P117-128, February 1942

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Various Oils and Fats as Substitutes for Butterfat in the Ration of Young Calves1

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      Feeding tests were conducted to compare the feeding value of the following fats and oils for calves: butterfat, lard, tallow, coconut oil, peanut oil, corn oil, cottonseed oil and soybean oil. The effect of a very fat-poor diet on calves was also determined. Each oil or fat was added to skim milk, homogenized to form a product containing 3.5 per cent fat and fed along with a low fat content concentrate mixture, cod liver oil and some alfalfa hay. One control group was fed normal whole milk not homogenized. Test periods ranged from a few days to about six months.
      In average daily gain in weight as well as in general well-being, the calves fed butterfat excelled those in all other groups. Following closely were those receiving lard and tallow. Corn oil, cottonseed oil and soybean oil were the least satisfactory. The average daily gains of calves in the latter three groups were .40 pound, .31 pound and .32 pound, respectively. They appeared unthrifty, listless and emaciated. Some calves in these groups died and others were saved only by changing to whole milk.
      Post mortem examinations showed considerably more fat deposited in calves fed butterfat than in those that had been fed other oils and fats.


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