Effects of Temperature and Time of Sterilization upon Properties of Evaporated Milk

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      Highly heat stable high-temperature-short-time sterilized evaporated milks of 26 per cent solids content resembled the unsterilized product in color, were only mildly cooked in flavor, and were of light body (low viscosity). When stored at 30° C. they were of fairly satisfactory quality for only approximately 4 months.
      Brief heating in cans at 115° C. increased the storage life of these high-short sterilized milks. After 18 minutes at this temperature they were as stable in storage as evaporated milk made by forewarming the whole milk at 95° C. for 10 minutes and sterilizing its 26 per cent solids concentrate at 115° C. for 18 minutes.
      In the manufacture of evaporated milk, sterilization at 115° C. for 18 minutes not only destroys the contained microorganisms and affords an opportunity to control the body but it also decreases the firmness of the cream layer which forms during storage and increases the ease with which the fat in this cream layer may be redistributed in the product.
      Long continuing fluidity and high heat stability in evaporated milk are not correlated. Long continuing fluidity is rather due to changes caused by heat which are associated with a darker color and a more cooked flavor.
      The solution of problems associated with instability of the product on long storage must precede the commercial application of high-short sterilization in the manufacture of evaporated milk.


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