Research-Article| Volume 33, ISSUE 7, P496-507, July 1950

Studies on Ketosis in Dairy Cattle. XI. Lipids, Minerals and Ascorbic Acid in the Blood of Cows with Spontaneous Ketosis1

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      In a study with 18 cows diagnosed as having ketosis, an analysis was made of various blood and blood plasma substances. Plasma phospholipids and cholesterol ester fractions were somewhat low, particularly in the later stages of ketosis. Free cholesterol in the plasma was relatively normal. The amount of free ether-petroleum ether soluble non-volatile acids in plasma determined by acidometric titration was relatively high in the later stages of ketosis. The neutral fat fraction was relatively low in the early stages of ketosis and normal or high in the later stages.
      Marked variations were observed in the plasma ascorbic acid values. The serum phosphatase activity was relatively low. The plasma acid-soluble phosphorus values, both inorganic and organic, were sometimes low but were normal in most cases. Plasma sodium and potassium were normal and the blood chloride values also were in the normal range. Additional data on the effect of fasting and other factors secondary to ketosis are needed before the data can be properly evaluated.


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