Research-Article| Volume 55, ISSUE 6, P783-789, June 1972

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Effect of Forage-Concentrate Ratio in Complete Feeds Fed ad Libitum on Feed Intake Prepartum and the Occurrence of Abomasal Displacement in Dairy Cows1

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      Forty Holstein cows were assigned to four complete feeds of: a) 75:25; b) 60:40; c) 45:55; and d) 30:70 forage to concentrate ratios, 28 days before parturition, to examine the effect of ration energy level on the ad libitum consumption of energy in relation to requirements. During 25 days following parturition, 0, 2, 4, and 4 cases of left displacement of the abomasum occurred in the four ration groups, respectively.
      The mean daily dry matter intake 28 days prepartum did not differ significantly (P<.05) among treatment groups with all cows in the analysis or with only the cows without displacements. Regression analyses of dry matter intake on the 28 days prior to calving revealed a significant depression in intake as parturition approached by cows in Treatments 2, 3, and 4 but not by cows in Treatment 1.
      Digestible energy consumed during the 28 days before calving averaged 155, 138, 159, and 173% of National Research Council's maintenance requirements for the four treatment groups, respectively.


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