Research-Article| Volume 72, ISSUE 3, P587-590, March 1989

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Fortification of Cottage Cheese with Vitamins A and C

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      Regular (4% fat) and lowfat (1.5% fat) cottage cheese were fortified in plant under actual production conditions with vitamin A palmitate and ascorbic acid (vitamin C) at levels of 2500 IU and 35 mg per serving (113.6 g), respectively. Fortified cheese samples along with unfortified control samples were stored immediately at 3°C for 2 wk. Some fortified samples were also stored in the dairy case of a local store for 2 wk under actual display conditions. Cheese samples were analyzed at zero time and after 2 wk of storage for pH, acidity, and vitamins A and C. Selected fortified samples were also evaluated for odor, taste, and appearance by 21 untrained panelists. The results indicated that the level of fortification used provided at least 25% of US RDA of both vitamins per serving. The results also indicated that the level of fortification used did not significantly change pH, titratable acidity, or sensory attributes of fortified cottage cheese. Moreover, fat content or size of container had no significant effect on retention of both vitamins during refrigerated storage.


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