Research-Article| Volume 72, ISSUE 3, P693-701, March 1989

Electrical Conductivity of Reproductive Tissue for Detection of Estrus in Dairy Cows

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      The pattern of temporal measurements of electrical conductivity obtained from electrodes that had been surgically implanted in the mucosa of the vagina or in the submucosa of the vulva in each of five dairy cows was evaluated for changes associated with the occurrence of estrus. Tissue conductivity was monitored at 6-h intervals during and around estrus by hard-ware devices operating at either 16 or 100 kHz. Blood samples were taken at time of conductivity measurement for progesterone determination and at 2-h intervals during estrus for LH determination. Vaginal and vulvar biopsies were performed during diestrus and estrus to measure tissue hydration.
      Conductivity increased significantly at estrus relative to a nonestrus base period in both vaginal and vulvar tissue. Both electrical frequencies were found to be satisfactory for characterizing changes in tissue conductivity associated with estrus. Peak concentrations of luteinizing hormone, increases in tissue hydration, and patterns of blood progesterone were consistent with the occurrence of estrus during the time of elevated tissue conductivity.


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