Research-Article| Volume 72, ISSUE 10, P2679-2682, October 1989

Relationship of Bull Fertility with Daughter Fertility and Production Traits in Holstein Dairy Cattle

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      The phenotypic and genetic correlations between fertility ratings of AI bulls for conception rate and their estimated breeding values for daughters’ fertility and production traits were calculated. Genetic correlations between fertility ratings of bulls for conception and heifer fertility traits (age at first breeding, age at last breeding, and number of insemination per conception) were negative and ranged from −.04 to −.23, indicating daughters of bulls with high fertility ratings were younger at first breeding and required fewer services to conceive. In general, genetic correlations between fertility ratings of bulls for conception rate and cow fertility traits (days from calving to first breeding, days open, and number of inseminations per conception) and production traits (breed class average milk and fat and fat percentage) in the first two lactations were also moderate to high and in the favorable direction. Although heri-tability of both male and female fertility is low, these data indicate that heavy use of sires with high fertility ratings could have a mild positive effect on both male and female fertility. Evidence is also found to indicate that in this breed, selection for increased milk yield should not impair genetic ability of cows to reproduce.


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