Article| Volume 74, ISSUE 4, P1243-1249, April 1991

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Effects of Pulsation Ratio, Pulsation Rate, and Teatcup Liner Design on Milking Rate and Milk Production

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      Twelve Holstein cows were used in a 12 × 12 Latin square (two replicates) to test the effects of pulsation ratio, pulsation rate, and teatcup liner design on milking rate and milk production. Pulsation ratios tested were 50:50, 60:40, and 70:30. Pulsation rates tested were 50 and 60. Two experimental teatcup liners (barrel wall thicknesses of 2.5 or 3.0 mm) were tested. Overall analysis of variance showed effects on milking rate and milk production for pulsation ratio (total yield, machine-on time, average flow rate, 2-min yield, percentage yield at 2 min, fat yield, and 3.5% FCM) and teatcup liner design (2-min yield). The 70:30 ratio produced lower machine-on time than 50:50 and 60:40, and it was lower for 60:40 than 50:50. Average machine-on times were 50:50, 8.44 min per milking; 60:40, 8.00 min per milking; and 70:30, 7.47 min per milking. The 70:30 ratio yielded more 3.5% FCM per milking than 50:50 (13.8 vs. 13.0 kg). Pulsation rate did not affect any milking rate measurements or milk production.

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