Article| Volume 74, ISSUE 4, P1263-1276, April 1991

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Effect of Somidobove Sustained Release Administration on the Lactation Performance of Dairy Cows

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      Lactation performance was determined on 190 multiparous Holsteins from five herds supplemented with 0, 320, 640, or 960 mg of somidobove every 28 d. The experiment consisted of 21 d of pretreatment and treatment periods of various lengths, depending upon stage of lactation of animals at first administration. Somidobove beginning in early (28 to 45 d in milk), mid (111 to 166 d in milk), or late (166 to 334 d in milk) stages of lactation consisted of 9, 6, or 3 administrations. Milk and 3.5% FCM yields were increased by each dose of somidobove in all stages. Milk composition and dry matter and energy intakes were similar among treatments within stage. Milk to DMI ratio and milk energy to net energy intake ratio were improved by somidobove. Gain was positive for all treatments, but less in somidobove-supplemented cows. Lower body weight and condition score at the completion of somidobove treatment resulted. For early cows, days to first estrus and days to first breeding were similar, however, total number of inseminations for cows receiving somidobove was twofold greater than control, resulting in a longer calving interval. Results demonstrated efficacy of somidobove administered every 28 d to lactating dairy cattle for increased milk yield.

      Key words

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      NADA (new animal drug application), NEI (net energy intake), PP (postpartum)


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