Article| Volume 74, ISSUE 4, P1310-1313, April 1991

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Liner Collection Cone and pH Effects on Postthaw Motility, Staining, and Acrosomes of Bovine Spermatozoa1

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      Sixteen ejaculates were collected, four each from four bulls, using artificial vaginas with polyethylene or rubber liner collection cones in a crossover design experiment. The ejaculates were diluted with egg yolk-citrate extender at pH 6.4 or 7.2, cooled, glycerolated, equilibrated, packaged in .5-ml French straws, frozen in nitrogen vapor, and stored in liquid nitrogen. Thirty frozen straws from each ejaculate were thawed rapidly (46.5°C for 12 s), pooled, and then incubated at 46.5°C for periodic evaluation of progressive motility, differential staining, and acrosome morphology under thermal stress conditions. The postthaw motility of spermatozoa and percentage of unstained cells were higher both when collected in polyethylene than in rubber and when extended at pH 7.2 vs. 6.4, but no interaction was found between liner collection cone composition and pH for postthaw motility. Retention of spermatozoan motility during incubation under thermal stress was greater for cells collected in polyethylene, but not different due to pH. Neither pH nor composition of liner collection cone had an effect on postthaw acrosomal scores, but the time required for a 50% increase in severely damaged acrosomes was greater for spermatozoa collected in polyethylene than in rubber liner collection cones.

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