Article| Volume 75, ISSUE 4, P1147-1153, April 1992

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Genetic and Phenotypic Parameters for type and Production in Guernsey Dairy Cows1

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      Heritabilities; genetic and phenotypic correlations for milk, fat, and protein production; and linear type traits were estimated from a sire model including sire relationships using multiple-trait REML. For the milk production traits, 68,109 first parity records were analyzed. Heritabilities ranged from .31 to .37, genetic correlations between the milk production traits ranged from .80 to .92, and phenotypic correlations ranged from .86 to .94. Linear type traits from 12,996 cows on 15 traits were used to estimate heritabilities and genetic and phenotypic correlations between linear type traits. The heritabilities ranged from .53 for stature to .09 for foot angle. Rear udder height and rear udder width had the highest positive genetic correlation (.85), whereas dairy form and udder depth had the highest negative genetic correlation (−.41). When the first parity production records were merged with type records for cows, 9867 records on 18 traits were obtained. Dairy form, rear udder height, and rear udder width had strong to moderate positive genetic correlations with the three production traits. Fore udder attachment and udder depth had moderate negative genetic correlations with the three milk production traits. These results suggest that selection for improvement of milk production will lead to correlated increases in dairy form, rear udder height, rear udder width, and udder depth and to correlated decreases in the strength of fore udder attachment.

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