JDS Editorial Team

Dr. Jayendra Amamcharla
Jayendra (Jay) Amamcharla is an associate professor in the animal sciences and industry department at Kansas State University. More

Dr. Alex Bach
Alex Bach is a professor at ICREA (the Catalan Institution for Research and Advanced Studies) and at the Department of Ruminant Production of IRTA (Institute of Agrifood Research and Technology). More

Dr. Christine Baes
Christine Baes was born and raised on a dairy farm in southwestern Ontario and learned to appreciate Canadian agriculture at a young age. More

Dr. Gerd Bobe
Gerd Bobe is associate professor in animal nutrition and physiology at Oregon State University. More

Dr. Barry Bradford
Barry Bradford completed dual BS degrees at Iowa State University and a doctorate in animal nutrition at Michigan State University. More

Dr. André F. Brito
André Brito is an associate professor of Dairy Cattle Nutrition and Management in the Department of Agriculture, Nutrition, and Food systems at the University of New Hampshire. More

Dr Milena Corredig
Milena Corredig is a professor in the Food Science Department at Aarhus University, Denmark. More

Dr. Jeffrey L. Firkins
Jeffrey Firkins has been a professor at The Ohio State University (OSU) since 1987. More

Dr. Paul M. Fricke
Paul Fricke was raised on his family’s row crop and dairy farm, located near Papillion, Nebraska, where his father and uncle continue to farm today. More

Dr. Timothy Hackmann
Timothy Hackmann is an assistant professor in the Department of Animal Sciences at the University of California, Davis. More

Dr. Bradley Heins
Brad Heins is an associate professor of dairy management at the University of Minnesota's West Central Research Center in Morris, Minnesota. Currently, Heins conducts his research at the University of Minnesota’s West Central Research and Outreach Center. More

Dr. Laura Hernandez
Laura Hernandez is an associate professor in the Dairy Science Department at the University of Wisconsin-Madison and began this position in 2011. More

Dr. Wolfgang Heuwieser
Wolfgang Heuwieser is professor and the head of the Clinic of Animal Reproduction at the University of Berlin. More

Dr. Paul Kononoff
Paul Kononoff is a native of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada. More

Dr. Richard Laven
Richard Laven is professor of production animal health and welfare at Massey University in New Zealand. More

Dr. Andres Legarra
Andres Legarra was born in Spain. He earned BS (1997) and PhD (2002) degrees from Universidad Publica de Navarra, Spain. More

Dr. Daniela Lourenco
Daniela Lourenco is associate professor in animal breeding, genetics, and genomics at the University of Georgia. More

Dr. Nicole Martin
Nicole Martin is the associate director of the Milk Quality Improvement Program (MQIP) in the Department of Food Science at Cornell University. More

Dr. Jessica McArt
Jessica McArt is an assistant professor in the Department of Population Medicine and Diagnostic Sciences at Cornell University. More

Dr. Olivia McAuliffe
Olivia McAuliffe is a principal scientist at the Teagasc Food Research Centre, Cork, Ireland. More

Dr. John Middleton
John Middleton holds BS, DVM, and PhD degrees from Washington State University (WSU). After graduating from WSU with his DVM in 1993, he worked in private dairy practice for about 2 years before returning to WSU to complete a PhD and clinical residency. More

Dr. Michael Miller
Michael Miller is an associate professor of food microbiology at the University of Illinois at Urbana–Champaign. He received a BS in environmental toxicology (University of California–Davis) and a PhD in food microbiology (Michigan State University). More

Dr. Kathryn Proudfoot
Dr. Kathryn (Katy) Proudfoot is an associate professor and director of the Sir James Dunn Animal Welfare Centre at the Atlantic Veterinary College, University of Prince Edward Island. More

Dr. Scott A. Rankin
Originally from La Habra, CA, Dr. Rankin currently resides in Cross Plains, WI. More

Dr. Denis Roy
Denis Roy has been a full professor in the Food Sciences Department at Université Laval (Québec, Canada) since 2003. More

Dr. Kerst Stelwagen
Kerst Stelwagen is a dairy scientist with an international reputation in lactation physiology, milk and colostrum composition, and value-added products from milk and colostrum. More

Dr. Olga Wellnitz
Olga Wellnitz received a degree in veterinary medicine from the University in Berlin, Germany, and a PhD from the University of Bern, Switzerland. More

Dr. Robin White
Robin White was born in Seattle, WA, and attended Washington State University, earning a BS (2010) and a PhD in animal sciences (2014). More