JDS Club 100

JDS Club 100 was begun in 2017 to celebrate the 100th volume of the Journal of Dairy Science® (JDS). This club recognizes individuals who have authored or coauthored 100 or more papers in ADSA's journals: JDS and JDS Communicatios. New members are inducted into JDS Club 100 each year as they reach this significant milestone. Nominations for this honor are welcome throughout the year. To make a nomination, please contact Susan Pollock at jds@adsa.org and include the nominee's list of articles published in JDS (excludes meeting abstracts).

Wolfgang Heuwieser,
Freie Universität Berlin, Berlin, Germany

Ignacy Misztal,
University of Georgia

Michael S. Allen
Michigan State University

MaryAnne Drake
North Carolina State University

John Roche
Ministry for Primary Industries, New Zealand

Giovanni Bittante
University of Padova - Italy

Glen A. Broderick
Broderick Nutrition & Research LLC

Jan Dijkstra
Wageningen University

Paul M. VanRaden
USDA Animal Genomics and Improvement Lab

Herman W. Barkema
University of Calgary

David Kelton
University of Guelph

Stephen LeBlanc
University of Guelph

Trevor DeVries
University of Guelph

Jimmy H. Clark
University of Illinois

William P. Weiss
The Ohio State University

Todd F. Duffield
Ontario Veterinary College

Kent A. Weigel
University of Wisconsin

Rupert Bruckmaier
University of Bern

Frank Kosikowski
Cornell University

Juan J. Loor
University of Illinois

José E. Santos
University of Florida

David M. Barbano
Cornell University

Dale E. Bauman
Cornell University

James K. Drackley
University of Illinois

A. E. Freeman
Iowa State University

A. "Jud" Heinrichs
Penn State University

J. T. Huber

Ken E. Leslie
University of Guelph

R. H. Miller
USDA Beltsville

H. Duane Norman
USDA, Beltsville

Ronald E. Pearson
Virginia Tech

David J. Schingoethe
South Dakota State

Ynte H. Schukken
Wageningen University

William W. Thatcher
University of Florida

L. Dale Van Vleck
University of Nebraska–Lincoln

M. "Nina" A. G. Von Keyserlingk
University of British Columbia

Daniel M. Weary
University of British Columbia

George R. Wiggans
USDA, Beltsville

Charles J. Wilcox
University of Florida